Week October 3rd  

Monday Memo - Continue Guided Reading and Extensions, Vocabulary Review

*Each student should have a book checked out of the classroom library.  They are expected to bring it to class every day.  The expectation is for 8th grade students to read 30 pages a day (between time provided at school and time set aside at home).  They will be held accountable for their reading with in class assignments and activities.  

*Extensions are the middle school version of learning centers or center work.

*Each student will know their reading level by the end of the week after conferencing individually with the teacher.  


Week September 26th  

Monday Memo - Begin Guided Reading, Student Selected Independent Reading, Poetry Extensions

*Each student will be expected to check out a reading book from the classroom library and read approximately 30 pages a day (between time in class and at home).  Students will be held accountable for independent reading through in class assignments and regular reading conferences with the teacher.

Vocabulary - scoff, ignorant, grief, quench, fulfill, gurgle, replenish, mock, criticize, persuade, praise

Week September 19th   

Monday Memo - Finish Fountas & Pinnell, Complete Novel Study - Matter of Trust, and Word Study


Vocabulary - defensive, horizon, desolation, superstition, omen, chasm, sympathetic, concoction, sober, and feisty. 

Week September 12th  

Monday Memo - Continue Fountas & Pinnell, Continue Novel Study - Matter of Trust


Vocabulary - motive, burden, vain, pity, glance, chaos, acrid, ominous, chuckle, and stench.  

Week September 6th  

Monday Memo - Fountas & Pinnell Continued, Easy CBM testing for Reading Intervention


Vocabulary - contradict, concede, reluctant, anzious, cast, noble, lucid, and senile. 

Week August 29th   

Monday Memo - Continue Fountas & Pinnell Testing, Graphic Organizers, and Begin Novel Study - Matter of Trust


Vocabulary - magnetic, character, diverge, trodden, smirk, corridor, observatory, awkward, estrange, and ventriloquist

Week August 22nd   

Monday Memo - Continue Fountas & Pinnell Testing, Introduction to Extension Learning Centers, Fables


Vocabulary - vigilance, flayed, consternation, strewn, gullible, disdain,banter, clarify, overt, aloof

Week August 15th  

Monday Memo - Vocabulary Inventory, Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading Inventory, Begin Fountas & Pinnell Reading Testing to determine individual student reading levels. 


Vocabulary - read, literate, achieve, success, consistent, adequate, thrive, necessity, and persistent.