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Other Class Info

Grading Policy  

I am primarily using a standards-based grading system.

This means that your student will have a quiz about once per week, on the concept / skill we are working on for that week and at least 1 question / problem from the previous concept / skill.

Quizzes earn a student one of three possible grades:  green = 96;  yellow = 85;  red = 60.

Students have multiple opportunities to replace low grades by re-taking quizzes, usually on a Friday.

In order to re-take a quiz, a student must show me "proof of practice" (POP).  This can be quiz corrections, completed classwork / homework, or other pre-determined assignments.  These POPs are to insure that a student has tried to work out previous mistakes, so that his / her quiz grade has a chance to improve.  

Interactive notebooks will also be periodically graded.  Grades for the notebook are based on the rubric that is glued inside the student's notebook.  Each concept / skill should have the following components in the interactive notebook:  foldable, strategy page, explore pages,  homework page, and a reflection page.

Missing assignments will be recorded in powerschool as an "m"  with a grade of 59.  Once a missing assignment is turned in, the "59" will be replaced with an appropriate "late" grade. 

Please check powerschool often!


Homework Policy  

Homework is usually assigned on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Friday's homework is to enjoy being a kid and, if necessary, do any make-up work.

Most homework assignments will consist of watching a video on a math concept that we are currently studying.  Sometimes there will be specific questions about the video that must be answered and other times the video is a catchy song & motion one that will hopefully stick with the kids.  In-class assignments not finished and quiz corrections will also be assigned as homework.

Interactive Notebook