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Welcome to Mr. Cooper's 8th grade science class.

I believe we need to work together to obtain a great learning experience for our children.  Please contact me if you have concerns, as I will strive to contact you.

REWORK: One of the most important things to know about my class is to have your students rework their work to increase their grade.  I will give back half of the points that were missed.  The concept is that I would not have given an assignment unless I really wanted the student to learn it.  Therefore, there is little extra credit. This rework is turned into their homeroom teacher's tray.

HOMEWORK: Most of my homework comes from not finishing work in class. Please make sure this is finished for the next day to keep track of learning for the next quiz/test.

LATE or MISSING WORK: Students are responsible for all assignments when absent.  This works needs to be turned in ASAP to the homeroom teacher's tray.

ASSIGNMENTS: Copies of assignments and quizzes to rework on make-up will be made available here.  See Presentations, Forms, and Assignments.

FUTURE WORK: Please see Calendar for future quizzes or test.

SPONGES: Daily "starters" are given to refresh learning and to start new learning.  On every Wednesday, the daily Sponges are turned in and a quiz on the Sponges is given.