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Daniel Randolph

Daniel Randolph

My name is Daniel Randolph. Teaching is my calling because I want to help students learn problem solving skills and improve the quality of their lives. I chose to teach English because I believe that language is an essential for communication, organization, and personal growth.

I am inspired by how students show their appreciation. To prepare to be a teacher I went to college to achieve a four year degree in Secondary English Education. I also took several Praxis tests and additional classes to add Middle Grades and English as a Second Language Certifications. I have worked hard to establish a strong foundation of patience and compassion for working with students individually that I have utilized every day as a teacher. I have spent 5 years in ESOL and 2 years in Special Education.

This is my first year at Dalewood. Teaching is a unique challenge every day. Students always surprise me with their varying efforts and their aspirations. I have learned Spanish while instructing in English. I have also been challenged to become a critical thinker and to develop individualized instruction to meet the language learning needs of a wide variety of students with various cultural, educational, and language backgrounds.

I am very happy to teach at Dalewood. It is an honor and a privilege to share my love of language with you. This is my 8th year teaching, but my first year at Dalewood. From what I know so far, Dalewood is a wonderful school with heroic administrators and amazing teachers.

It is my highest hope that we can work together to improve the learning and the opportunities of every child. Together, we can make Dalewood an even better place.

If you have any questions or need anything from me please contact me via email or send a note for me to call you with a time. I will try my best to get back to you on the same day if I hear from you before the end of school hours.


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