Dalewood Middle School

Connor O'Leary

Connor O'Leary

I graduated from Davidson College (yes, Steph Curry went there) with a bachelor's degree in Physics in 2020. I am a passionate nerd about anything and everything, but especially love thinking about math, philosophy, and hydrology. The last one is mostly because of my obsession with paddling whitewater. 

When I'm not teaching, you can often find me raft guiding or finding my way down the Ocoee in some other craft. I am a strong believer that taking mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical risks is where life's meaning truly surfaces. My job then becomes encouraging students to take those risks with one another in a math classroom where said risks have relatively low consequences.

I am delighted to be working in the seventh grade once again this year and hope to make it memorable for students in only the best ways.

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