About the School

Vision: Dalewood is to be a model middle school that provides a positive, safe environment that fosters academic excellence and model citizenship for all students.

Mission: The mission of Dalewood Middle School is to provide and maintain a comfortable, caring, and orderly environment that ensures  all students are prepared for the rigors of high school and other post-secondary options through academic preparedness, emotional stability, proper social connectivity, and physical wellness.

About The School

Dalewood Middle SchoolDalewood Middle School History
Originally a Chattanooga City Public School, Dalewood Junior High School was opened in 1963. After the merger of Chattanooga City and Hamilton County Schools in 1997, Dalewood Junior High School became Dalewood Middle School. A new wing was constructed and opened in 2005, which currently contains the sixth grade classrooms, a computer lab, a CDC classroom, and some office space.