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High School:

    Columbia Mountour Advance Vocational Technical School, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

    Major: Horticulture

Undergraduate College

    Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania

    Bachelors of Science in Landscape Design and Management

Graduate college and Teacher Licensure Program

    St. Michael's College, Burlington, Vermont

    Masters of Education: Special Education

    Middle Grade Mathematics Teacher Licensure Program

Continuing Education

    Education and learning is a way of life, not just semester long classes. I continue to use local and online resources to improve my teaching practice as well as my knowledge and application of revelant information necessary to be successful in digital fabrication. 


Dalewood Middle School, Chattanooga, TN

              VW eLab Specialist

Orchard Knob Middle School, Chattanooga, TN

              7th Grade Math

Spaulding High School, Barre, VT

              Alternative Career and Technology Teacher

Barre City Elementary and Middle School, Barre, VT

              7th Grade Math

Williston Central School, Williston, VT

              Student Teaching Practicum

Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, VT





Welcome to the VW eLab @ Dalewood Middle School

My name is Chris Seanard and I am very excited to be the VW eLab Specialist at Dalewood Middle School!

My wife and I previously lived in Vermont where she was in Medical School at The University of Vermont and I was teaching at various middle and High Schools. We moved to the Chattanooga area in June of 2015 because she accepted a residency position at Erlanger Hospital. 

I grew up on a small farm teaching horseback riding lessons to young children which is where my passion for teaching began. I Started teaching snowboarding lessons at a small mountain in Pennsylvania when I turned 16 and never stopped teaching after that. I taught snowboarding through college and then moved to Utah to teach snowboarding on a full time basis. After several years of managing a small business, I returned to college to earn my masters degree in education at Saint Michael's college in Vermont. 

My current hobbies are rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hiking, automotive repair, welding, carpentry, and helping middle school students to challenge themselves and reach for their goals. I believe middle school is a challenging time for children and they need a supportive and caring learning environment to be successful in both social-emotional and academic development. 

Please feel free to email me at any times with questions or to schedule a meeting about your child.

See you in the classroom,

Chris Seanard