Uniform Information


All students are to be dressed properly prior to entering the building

Notice: COVID-19 Compliance Measures
Face masks are required for all students attending school in the building. Bandannas may NOT to be used as masks. Neither should masks have bandanna print/patterns.

Backpacks will hang on the back of student chairs in the classroom. As a result, backpacks should not be oversized. Lockers will not be used until further notice.

Appropriate Attire

         Students are permitted to have logos on their uniform shirts. Logos should not be any larger than a quarter.

         6th Grade Polo: Scarlet Red or White
         7th Grade Polo:Navy or Grey
         8th Grade Polo: Black or Carolina Blue
         Polo shirts are grade level specific. Students may only wear a polo from the selection choices listed for their grade level. 
         Undershirts may be long sleeves or short sleeves. No visible writing or images on undershirt.

         Pants are to be navy blue or khaki in color. 
         Young ladies may wear solid black leggings under dresses and skirts only

         Must be closed-toe and closed heels, and boots must be covered by the student’s pants. Steel toe boots are not allowed. 

Dresses and Skirts 
         Must be navy blue or khaki in color and no more than 2” above the knee.

         Must not disturb the learning environment (administration’s discretion).

Jewelry/ Belts
Necklace is worn at collar length. 
         Belts are to be solid black or brown with a regular belt buckle.

ANY grade level solid color sweatshirt or sweater is the only outer garment to be worn in the classroom
         All other outer garments are to be placed in the student’s locker prior to 1st period and are to remain there until the end of the school day.

Do Not Wear
         Cargo pants or shorts (pants with side pockets at the knee)
         Oversize pants or shirts with rips or holes
         Tight or form-fitting pants or shirts
         Hats, bonnets, bandannas, anything administration deems disruptive to the learning environment.
         No jeans, denim, or stretch material pants
         House shoes, athletic slides, or flip-flops
         Hoodies are NOT permitted. 
         Oversized purses or fanny packs

 Dalewood spirit gear may be worn at any time during the school day with jeans. Spirit gear may be purchased from the e-lab or the school’s online spirit store. Examples of spirit gear are school shirts, sweatshirts, jackets. 

** Administration reserves the right to determine compliance of the uniform policy **